The Week In Review: 3 - 9 December 2018

Trial Spy

Week: -3.4 units profit (-27.9% PoT)

Overall: 696.4 units profit (10.1% PoT)

Down 3 units for the week, with wins to Karaja and Czarson, whilst Quenya ran 2nd on Saturday, and Cartland 2nd in a photo on Sunday. Had either of them won we would have had another winning week. Regardless, we are up 3 units for the month to date, and up over 120 units over the past 6 months.


NSW Tips & Ratings

Week: 3.4 units profit (22.4% PoT)

Overall: 135.4 units profit (18.5% PoT)

A relatively busy week for Mark, with 16 bets across four meetings. And it translated into a nice profit, with four winners ensuring we took cash to the bank. And as usual, all of his bets were close to the mark… So Magic running second at $21 was particularly frustrating!

We’re at 115 units profit for the calendar year and still have a few weeks left… it’s been a super twelve months!


John's Analytics

Week: -7.3 units profit (-41.4% PoT)

Overall: 263.6 units profit (15.7% PoT)

Very disappointing this week, with a string of bets not delivering for us… such is variance. We got a few winners to ensure it wasn’t a disaster however. As usual, it’s all about the long-term: much like Mark’s service, it’s been a great calendar year with over 140 units’ profit, and a few weeks of betting left.


BlackBook Bets

Week: -12.0 units profit (-100.0% PoT)

Overall: 271.5 units profit (6.8% PoT)

Lachlan’s approach means he finds plenty of long-odds winners… unfortunately that means variance, and that’s what we hit this week after some very good results recently. Reflecting the approach, every horse we backed this week was at double-figure win odds. We play on!


Dean’s Tips

Week: 10.3 units profit (36.4% PoT)

Overall: 649.4 units profit (7.9% PoT)

Nice week making 10u profit at 36% POT. Wednesday started the week well with Table Of Wisdom leading all the way at Gawler for a nice win. Friday was also profitable with Exclusive Saturday running 2nd beating a head in a photo at 20/1, Demons Dust also 2nd, and our confident bet for the day Glitter Girl winning comfortably. Saturday made it 3/3 winning days for the week with the highlight being Tully Ho winning for us at Gunnedah, and got out over $50 best tote; trading between $44 and $48 throughout betting on Betfair. Only losing day for the week was Sunday, where Top Tone and Hard At It were heavily backed but didn't feature, whilst Penultimate Star was another 2nd. A nice week with 10u profit that could have easily been better if not for a couple of close photos not going our way, We are up 11u month to date, and up 34 units since resuming in September.



Week: 1.8 units profit (150.0% PoT)

Overall: 20.5 units profit (6.5% PoT)

A nice profit this week from some very limited action, thanks to us backing Brian Harman and Patton Kizzaire at the QBE Shootout, who won at $30! We also bet at the South African Open, where we had Brandon Stone at $70 and Oliver Wilson at $580. They finished 7th and 3rd respectively. So close!! We will have a huge winner soon.



Week: -1.25 units profit (-100.0% PoT)

Overall: 575 units profit (6.4% PoT)

Test cricket is ramping back up, so our betting activity is as well. We had a few small plays on Australia v India – no results unfortunately, but no major damage done. We have some nice series bets in play, including India to win – they already have a 1-0 lead after Adelaide.