NSW Tips & Ratings offers tips & ratings for all Metro, Provincial and Country racing in New South Wales.

These are provided by The Syndicate, a professional full time betting syndicate headed by ‘King’ Abraham, who use their own sophisticated custom-built proprietary database to generate highly accurate ratings. 

This crack team has 115 combined years of horse racing betting experience.

Tips and staking are provided with all results recorded simply at Betfair SP (less commission).

Ratings are provided for every race. Official bets are only in races with a big enough POT, and we only bet when the market price exceeds the rated price.


The ratings are based on an entirely mathematically based process. The Syndicate win by trusting implicitly the statistics, data and mathematics. 

Members receive a strict set of results that must be followed to match the results.

This is not a service that goes around backing favourites. In fact quite the opposite. On most occasions this team identifies the favourites that are overbet, and bets to get them BEATEN.

Note that this service only suits members who can bet late (in the last 2-3 minutes before race start time). Different to many of our offerings, this is not a bet & forget type service.

Best results are achieved by monitoring prices and betting late with Corporate Bookies, Totes or Betfair. We recommend a 100 unit betting bank with this service.


The Syndicate has a combined 115 years of horse racing experience. Their methodology has been tried and tested, and their team and members have been reaping the financial benefits for years.

The team spends up to 15 hours a day analysing the numbers and odds race by race, meeting by meeting, day by day. While many algorithms base their recommendations on simple variables like past performance and weight, the Syndicate takes a far more advanced approach.

The Syndicate uses apples-to-apples and horses for courses comparisons to calculate the likely performance of horses based on every factor available, including weight, track conditions, speed maps, and track surface. They monitor the market in real-time to ensure their tips are financially sound recommendations. The Syndicate steers clear of volatile markets and works in the middle ground of dependable races that will reward the patient punter with consistent wins over time.


Note the below 2020 results have been tracked and verified by Winning Edge Investments whilst the service was provided on another platform to a group of paying members.

The results have also been tracked since 1 July 2020 whilst being supplied via the Winning Edge Investments platform.

These results since 1 July 2020 aligned with or exceeded the previous 2020 results, which aligned with or exceeded the 2018/2019 provided results.

These results were further verified by Winning Edge Investments members who were members of this service when provided on another platform.


‘King’ Abraham leads The Syndicate, a team of full-time professional punters who are now exclusively providing Winning Edge Investments members with their ratings & tips for Metropolitan, Provincial & Country racing in New South Wales.








YearCumulative P/L Profit UnitsCumulative Units InvestedPOT %ROI %Profit ($100 Units)
Overall528.82,118.625.0 %528.8 %$52,876

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