Mark Rhoden is a highly respected full time professional punter who focuses solely on NSW Metropolitan and Provincial racing.

Testimonials - NSW Tips & Ratings

Ric H

I’ve been following Mark since October 2017 & the results are outstanding. I’ve made huge profits for less than 10 minutes work a week. Mark’s rating sheets are easy to follow & if you ever hear him on a webinar or podcast you will find it really informative.. The official results are 100% achievable due to the staking methods Mark uses, and because selections are sent after Minimum Bet Laws have kicked in. 

Jarrod P

In total, the return is a greater return than any other service I have bet with (long term and short term). His progress has made me re-assess my expectations of other services and returns achievable. Mark backs up his selections with solid reasoning and is discerning and won’t propose a bet into markets he reads as low value. His prices are achievable, I have noticed that if I delay placing my bets it impacts marginally on the prices obtained. 

Scott W

I have been doing my own ratings for quite a few years now with good results.  I wanted to expand my betting portfolio, and after weeks of looking through services, In April after listening to Mark's Webinar and reading his CV, I joined my first service for about 10 years after being burnt too many times.  I went in hoping for 10% POT, so the 33% POT Mark has produced in 6+ months has been astounding. Obviously the winning has been great, but understanding how Mark frames markets and bets to market spread has been enormous in helping me maximise my own ratings selections. Suffice to say, I don't bother with NSW racing now, allowing me more time to focus on other markets. Mark has answered emails I have sent him when asking advice and following him on Twitter is well worth while if you like a sense of humour and a broad range of subjects.  Overall, the service is second to none.

Scott A

Very happy customer. I joined Mark in September 2018, but had heard about him a lot longer than that. Results have been fantastic and Mark always has responded to my questions quickly and been very supportive. The odds are very achievable as taking 3rd best fixed is very fair and of course Minimum Bet Laws kick in as soon as the email hits members. Loving the service and tips. I really enjoy the times they are sent and the organisation for the future tips when they will be coming into members inbox. Keep up the great work and you have one very happy customer. I would recommend this service to anybody.

Joshua L

I have been a member of the NSW Tips and Ratings service for 7 months. It is by far the most consistent and accurately measured tipping service I have used. Keep up the good work Mark and thank you for a great ride. 

Barry L

I would have to be a very greedy and inexperienced punter to not be enjoying my time with Mark Rhoden's NSW Tips & Ratings service. I am nearing the end of my fifth week as a subscriber and in that time I have made 30 units profit at a little over 50% on turnover.

I haven't had to do anything clever, just stick to the recommended bets. I do manage to get much better odds than Mark recommends due to boosts available on most accounts. Many days I can boost the odds of every bet - it's not as though he is often giving out multiple bets in multiple races.

I can't think of any changes that I would like. The provision of his full market for each race, including the non-betting races, allows me to have a few exotics during the day if I see an occasional opportunity for a decent dividend.

Christian H

I have been a member for nearly 3 months but have followed Mark since inception and regret not signing on earlier. Absolute no-brainer of a service to have in your portfolio. Betting in one of the biggest, most exciting racing states in the country with consistent profits. Easy to follow and I have beaten the recorded results quite comfortably. Not afraid to bet in the usually difficult black type races which are always the most enjoyable to watch. Couldn't recommend the service highly enough.

Greg I

I’ve been a member for six weeks with no prior experience in betting or horse racing. I’ve really appreciated the in-depth information provided to guide newbies like me and quick responses to any queries. 

Andrew B

I have been punting for years. This service is the best service I've seen along with Trial Spy. You are a genius. The best thing I find is that you can easily get the price which is advised, and in my case sometimes better. I'm now winning well. Please don't change anything. Very happy customer.

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Webinar with Mark Rhoden

Our NSW racing analyst, Mark Rhoden, takes us behind the scenes and shows how a full time professional punter with his own database does the form.


Podcast interview with Mark Rhoden



Q&A with Mark Rhoden



Uses a fair, consistent, transparent, easily achievable and member voted odds recording methodology

  • Each bet will advise whether to bet 100% fixed or 0% fixed
  • 100% fixed bets are recorded at the 3rd best fixed price stated
  • 0% fixed bets are recorded simply and fairly at BOB (Best Tote or Official Top Fluc)



YearCumulative P/L Profit UnitsCumulative Units InvestedPOT %ROI %Profit ($100 Units)
Overall57.51,726.43.3 %57.5 %$5,751


This service comes with our Ongoing Exclusive Profit Guarantee Refund for all Quarterly and Yearly Memberships

We’re so confident in this package, if you don't profit over the period of your subscription based on official results, we will refund your next payment in full!

Simply send us an e-mail as soon as your payment is made to request the immediate full refund.