This service is currently closed to new members. Our membership cap is full to protect dividends for existing members. Please go to the Contact Us section to request being placed on the waiting list.

At Winning Edge Investments, we have countless analysts contacting us on a regular basis to review their services and determine whether we would be interested in offering their services to our members.

We are very thorough in these reviews, and the reality is the vast majority of the time the results of these cumbersome and detailed reviews lead to us to not offering the service to our members.

Our reviews often take up to 1 year. Unlike most tipping companies, we do not make money from losses through bookmaker affiliates, and we offer a profit guarantee, so losing services are of no benefit to us. Our aim and only incentive is for members to have a highly profitable portfolio of services that works in their favour for long term success.

Our selective and exhaustive approach is why we only released one new racing membership option in all of 2019.

However in preparation for 2020, during 2019 our Member Success Team reviewed and audited a service whose results were absolutely outstanding.

These tips were not just sent to us via e-mail, they were posted publicly on a blog throughout 2019, which was referenced via a social media account with over 2,000 followers.

Very different to the norm, this service focuses entirely on Futures Betting. For those unfamiliar, Futures Betting is betting on major races (usually G1, G2, G3 or LR races) before the final field is announced. There is some risk to Futures Betting, as it is possible to back a horse that doesn't even start in the race, and your bet is not refunded. However the odds you can secure in these early futures markets are oftentimes (for the astute), far greater than the odds the horse starts on the day.

Over the 2019 review period, the results of this service were, simply put, incredible.

301.9 units profit at 64.3% POT in 2019.

This did not come from a couple of lucky wins either, but 25 individual Futures Bet winners over the year, at an average win price of $9.59.

The average units invested on each bet were 1.68, and the average units invested per month was 52.

The results were based on the prices from just a handful of main bookies, ignoring the 20+ other corporate bookie options.

To be even more fair we also included losing bets in pre-nomination markets where the horse was never nominated, despite the fact that a large number of bookies actually refund the bets if the horse isn't nominated for the race (and the tips were sent assuming that was the case).

These two factors reduced the results to what we considered fair and achievable.

Big Feature Futures winners nailed in 2019 alone included:

$26 Dixie Blossoms (Coolmore Classic), $26 Yes Yes Yes (The Everest), $26 Mer De Glace (Caulfield Cup), $15 Lys Gracieux (Cox Plate), $13 Super Seth (Caulfield Guineas), $13 Fierce Impact (Toorak Handicap), $11 Santa Ana Lane (TJ Smith), $11 Sunlight (Newmarket Handicap)

Quite simply, this analyst absolutely nailed Futures Betting in 2019 (with all tips available in the public realm), he has been doing this successfully for 10 years, and we are now offering this service to strictly limited members.

This service will be subject to a strictly limited membership cap.

The service comes with a profit guarantee, and if you join and find after Friday's Futures bets are sent out that the service is not for you for any reason, we are happy to provide you with your full payment as credits to switch to another service, or extend one of your existing services.

Members of multiple services will also receive Loyalty Bonus Credits for joining this service (up to 30% for some members).

You don't want to miss out on this one, because once the doors are shut that's it.


Below is a Q&A with our Future Features Expert.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

My name is Peter Jones. I was trained professionally at Humbleton (the company that provides analysis for the biggest betting syndicate in the world), and worked as a video analyst. I also worked as a form analyst for an Australian wide company that provides selections in TAB outlets.

How did you turn into a successful long-term horse racing punter?

I combined my previous knowledge with continued observations from video analysis and researching on value and staking. Value is not (as some commentators still insist) simply the bigger the price, the greater the value.

How did you get into futures betting? Have you always been a successful punter on futures?

I started with backing Pear Tart @ $71 and then $31 a couple of weeks later to win the G1 Tatts Tiara. The Caulfield Cup as an example has been a good race to me. I backed Fawkner at $101, also Dunaden at $61 plus the Cups double with Green Moon at $1,586/1. In recent times even Best Solution at $41 and Mer De Glace at $26 have been great results. Not only did I back these myself but also tipped these winners on social media and/or a popular racing forum. The best price I obtained about a competitive single runner that didn’t win was 250/1 on Ajeeb in the Australian Guineas who started $6 and was mentioned on social media for the astute investment by the bookmaker at the time.

Over the past year I have been posting and recording results from all of my futures bets on my blog, with Winning Edge Investments reviewing and auditing these.

How do you identify your bets? What are the key areas or statistics you analyse? Where do you find the biggest edges? Why do you believe you do so well on futures betting? What else do you look at when assessing the right horses and races and determining bets? 

Video review and sectional analysis. You have to put the time in. Someone who works 9-5 likely doesn’t have the time to do all the video analysis and source information from many entities. I focus on what the trainer’s intentions are with the horse. Of course, there’s the usual form analysis also. Is the horse suited to the track? Will they be in peak fitness on race day? I take into consideration how long until the race and the things that may occur, but if it’s value it doesn’t matter if the race is two weeks or two months away.

How will your service work? What types of bets will you send, how many bets per week, unit bank recommended, estimate of weekly units spent? 

Predominantly win and sometimes each way futures bets. Obviously in the lead-up to the Spring and Autumn carnivals more bets will be sent. I would expect approximately a 50 unit investment per month for a spring or an autumn. Much less for Summer and Winter.

What time will bets normally be released? 

Bets will be sent when the opportunities present themselves. A warning e-mail will be sent before any bet is sent, to ensure you have time to get yourself set with accounts ready to place the bets.

On rare occasions, some bets may not be feature/futures bets. That is, some bets may be pre-post all-in (markets usually go up Monday before the Saturday race) or occasionally final field bets. This usually occurs when a horse has been favourite all through betting and I still want to have it on my side. We may have obtained great value in other runners in the race and to smooth bankroll fluctuations I wish to be with a runner that is in the market. Another reason may be that a runner may be a late nomination.

What information do you provide with each bet? 

Race & selection, bet type, odds available with which bookmakers, units to invest and minimum odds to bet down to. Sometimes certain bookmakers such as TAB, Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, Tabtouch, Bet365 or Beteasy may have pre-nomination markets where you get your money back if the horse is not nominated. If applicable, we will advise to only bet with them or a bookie that has this displayed.

What are your previous results? What is a realistic Profit on Turnover percentage?  

For the previous few years POT for the major spring and autumn Sydney and Melbourne carnivals (combined) has usually been between 30% - 80% for each carnival. Will we get more Charlie Appleby or Japanese runners underestimated in the future?

Which bookmaker accounts are the best to use? What odds comparison sites are the best to use?

It is best to have accounts with as many bookies as possible. If one of the minor bookies hasn’t stopped you from betting future/features you should try to utilise them first. Please only use TAB as your last resort as many books will only partial bet, or outright reject a bet if their price is above the TAB’s.

How will the odds be recorded?

We will record at the fixed price available with the 3rd highest priced bookie, which removes any outlier prices only available with 1 or 2 bookies.

Do I bet straight away, or wait until close to the race start? 

Straight Away. Over the past year some winners have drifted for reasons unbeknown to myself such as Dixie Blossoms and Fierce Impact but they have still won. In general though the majority will firm.

Who does this service suit?

Anyone who likes to be on runners in the big races on better than current odds and has the control to steadily build their bank. If you are banned from futures betting with all bookies then it obviously won’t suit, but if some still let you bet on futures, or there are accounts you have yet to open, then it will certainly suit.

Are bets based on a 100 unit betting bank?

Each race is based on 100 unit bank but remember there will be multiple races open at one time. Sometimes on major races such as the Golden Slipper or Melbourne Cup there could be significant units invested by race start time. So whilst it is a 100 unit bank based on resulted races you may need more short term if there are a large number of open, unresulted races.

Any profit guarantee?

Yes for quarterly and annual memberships, based on completed races in the quarter/year.

Fair Odds Recording - Feature Futures

Uses a fair, consistent, transparent, easily achievable and member voted odds recording methodology


3rd highest fixed price at the time the tip is received

Profit Guarantee - Racing

This service comes with our Profit Guarantee for all memberships of 3 months or more. (We are so confident in our package that if you don't profit over the period of your subscription for any quarterly or annual package, we will double the period of your package for FREE! For example take a quarterly package, and if it doesn't make a profit through our official results, you will get an additional quarterly package for FREE! Given members subscribe at different times, simply advise us within 72 hours of being billed of this losing period to be eligible for the refund)


YearCumulative P/L Profit UnitsCumulative Units InvestedPOT %ROI %Profit ($100 Units)
Overall277.2570.148.6 %277.2 %$27,717