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Trial Spy heating up for Spring




Trial Spy has amassed over +670 units profit since inception ($67,000 per $100 unit), including +46 units profit at 53% POT last month!

In a revolutionary approach, selections are based solely on the thorough analysis and review of Barrier Trials & Jumpouts. Accurate trial sectionals & performance ratings against par times are obtained and then calibrated and reassessed based on visual analysis of the trial.

Testament to its longevity & success, the Trial Spy service has over 11,000 bets on public record.

Big winners have included Cloud Cover $101 ($450 available Betfair), Heroes Quest $101, Martha Mary $61 ($84 best tote, $67 advised), Georgie’s Luce $51 ($100-$150 Betfair, $67 Ubet), Éclair Choice $51, Gold Sun $47 ($80 Betfair), Public Spirit $45 ($80 Betfair), Zoutano $41 ($61 available), Rock The House $41 ($51 available), Alexander Hamilton $40, Architect $36, Raise Em Up $34 ($71 Top Fluc), Fickle Folly $34, Dylan Rocks $31, Dixie Melody $30 etc. Futures Bets winners have included Sunlight at $34 for the Magic Millions 2yo, and Zoustar at $17 for the Golden Rose.

Trial Spy struck form making +46 units profit last month in September at 53% POT, with a string of big winners including Alexander Hamilton $40, Pythia $26, Star Magnum $11, Dreams And Schemes $10, Modern Times $10, Beautified $9, Rainbiel $9 & Rothfire $5.60! Trial Spy also found Raise Em Up at Sandown at $34 (paid $71 Top Fluc) in August.

Dean stated recently: I did a mid year review and found our biggest edges remain in Country/Provincial racing, particularly maidens and younger horses over 1000m-1200m on drier tracks. There are also plenty of triallers now that are well found and overbet, so I have focused on avoiding these and other races where our edge had reduced, and trying to hone in on the strong triallers that the market has completely missed. Big winners such as Alexander Hamilton at $40, Raise Em Up at $34-$71 and Pythia at $26 over just the past few weeks have demonstrated the efficacy of this revised approach.

The new season 2yos have just begun racing which makes it a great time to join Trial Spy We have a special offer for Trial Spy closing COB tomorrow at the bottom of this e-mail.




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Don't miss the 25% ongoing discount closing COB tomorrow.

Simply click on the blue button below and enter the following promo code: TRIALSPY





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