The Week In Review 8-14 Apr

Greyhound Genius

Week: 32.3 units profit (48.9% POT)

Overall: 920.0 units profit (13.4% POT)

Wednesday we had a small profit with Feral Franky saluting at $2.35. Minor loss on Friday before a huge Saturday night where we bet into 4 races at Wentworth Park which resulted in 4 winners. Black Opium at $3.20, Zipping Bailey at $11, Federal Lilly at $2.15 and Another Grey at $11. We now sit at a massive 301 units profit over the past 8 months.



Luke Murrell’s Tips

Week: 5.5 units profit (6.9% POT)

Overall: 596.0 units profit (7.3% POT)

Evopex ran 2nd at $4.40 on Friday at Port Macquarie. Massive day on Saturday, we landed a nice $7.47 place all up to go along with Shraaoh at $15, Bobbing at $8, Celebrator at $1.75, and Got Your Six at $1.65. Flit ran a narrow 2nd at $7.50. We now sit at a massive 85.7 units profit in just over the past 2 months.



WA Tips & Ratings

Week: 2.9 units profit (23.6% POT)

Overall: 80.8 units profit (24.1% POT)

A loss on Wednesday with our one bet Bel My Pago running 2nd $2.50. Small win at Bunbury on Thursday with Lavistarr saluting at $2.80. Big day at Albany on Friday thanks to Boxonlucy at $3.35 and Copper Fury at $5.20. No result Saturday, Make Mine Champers ran 2nd at $12. This service has made 24.9 units profit in just the past 10 weeks since joining Winning Edge.



John’s Analytics

Week: 2.3 units profit (9.5% POT)

Overall: 267.8 units profit (12.7% POT)

A profitable Tuesday with our one each way play Georgia Hit filling a place at $7.50. A loss on Wednesday and Thursday before a winning day on Saturday. Winners were From Within at $3.90 and Hacksaw Ridge at $7.50. We closed out the week in style on Sunday having a big result off Master Baylee at $13. Model 5 has delivered 28.5 units profit in under 8 weeks.



Trial Spy

Week: 1.1 units profit (7.6% POT)

Overall: 712.9 units profit (9.9% POT)

The week started with a loss on Monday before a good day Tuesday with our one each way play Red Satin saluting at $3.10. We finished up even on Wednesday, Kylease was a dominant winner at $2. We closed out the week with a small profit on Saturday thanks to Classique Legend at $3.80 and High Range at $5.90. We now sit at a massive 141 units profit in just over the past 11 months.


Here’s what Dean had to say:

1.1 unit profit for the week driven by wins to Red Satin, Kylease, Classique Legend & High Range. 

Would have been a big week if Flit had managed to get up. She was ridden cold and charged home at Randwick to miss by a nose, with the barest of margins costing us an 8 unit collect.



AFL Tips

Week: 0.7 units profit (8.2% POT)

Overall: -7.2 units profit (-13.6% POT)

It was a good start to the week on Friday night with Collingwood 1-39 saluting at $2.20. Small profit on Saturday with North Melbourne 1-39 getting up at $2.40. Sunday, we backed Gold Coast -6.5 who just fell short of covering the line as they won by 2 points.



Dean’s Tips

Week: -4.0 units profit (-17.5% POT)

Overall: 674.0 units profit (7.8% POT)

No result across Tuesday and Thursday. Friday we had a minor loss with our one each way play Captivated Point filling a place at $5.80. Profitable day on Saturday, winners were Kenedna at $26, Power Scheme at $8.70 and Shraaoh at $16. Small loss on Sunday with our one bet Gone Girl running 2nd at $9. Despite the losing week we sit at 33.1 units profit over the past six weeks.


Here’s what Dean had to say:

A 4u loss for the week. Had some nice winners and a winning day on Saturday at Randwick including Kenedna, Shraaoh & Power Scheme, but we had no luck on the other days with Gone Girl 2nd for an 8u collect and Get The Vibe 2nd for a 5u collect.

Undoubtedly however the biggest frustration was being live in the last leg of the quaddie at Randwick after striking 15/1 and 25/1 winners and missing out. We had 7 favoured horses running for us in the last leg for a collect anywhere between 10u & 80u. The 80u result was Quillista who led and gave a great sight, but finished 4th. We also had the 3rd placed horse, but missed the 20/1 winner. After not taking the early quaddie last week (which paid 25k) there have been two close ones that have got away.

Regardless we are still up for the month and have another big day at Randwick coming up this Saturday, before attention turns to the Queensland Carnival.




Week: -5.4 units profit (-43.9% POT)

Overall: 49.3 units profit (13.7% POT)

Busy weekend for members at The Masters. Overall we recorded a very minor loss on our match bets across the weekend. We came close to a big result with one of our outright bets Patrick Cantlay leading with three holes to play at $100.



NSW Tips & Ratings

Week: -7.8 units profit (-61.9% POT)

Overall: 113.9 units profit (12.2% POT)

It was a profitable start to the week on Wednesday at Gosford with Mangione saluting at $2.80. We locked in some great prices at Wyong on Thursday but were unable to get a result. Losing day on Saturday, Amercement and Dubhe were both big late drifters and ran accordingly. Alizee loomed as the winner at $4.80 but was unable to get the job done for us.



Blackbook Bets

Week: -8.1 units profit (-69.8% POT)

Overall: 217.1 units profit (5.2% POT)

Losing day on Tuesday before a profitable Wednesday with our one each way play For The Records filling a place at $17. No result across Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



NRL Tips

Week: -12.5 units profit (-71.4% POT)

Overall: -42.4 units profit (-54.1% POT)

A loss on Thursday night, we had one collect with West Tigers +6 saluting but we also took aim at the total points over 38.5, and the final total was 38. Small profit on Friday night with Melbourne Storm 1-12 saluting at $3.10. No result across Saturday and Sunday. Not getting the rub of the green on any close ones has been costly to date this season.