The Week In Review 25 Feb - 3 Mar


Week: 58.3 units profit (1005.2% POT)

Overall: 64.7 units profit (19.2% POT)

Wow, what a huge weekend. We have been right around the mark for some time without getting the big result we were after but we got it this week with Sung-Hyun Park winning the HSBC Women’s World Championship at $27 and Keith Mitchell winning the Honda Classic at $300.


Luke Murrell’s Tips

Week: 28.9 units profit (36.8% POT)

Overall: 600.2 units profit (7.8% POT)

A massive fill up this week for members. Tuesday started with African Guy at $9.60 and Assertive Approach at $2.50 both winning. Big day on Wednesday, we bet into the one race and Villami got the job done for us at $5. Then the weekend was huge. We unloaded 8u on She’s So High at $2.30. Other winners included Mystic Journey at $4.80, Microphone at $2.50, Reiby The Red at $6.50, Lord Heron at $4.80, Al Mah Haha (Place) at $6.50, Gypsy Queen at $2 and the week ended in style with Soul Secrets saluting at $18. That takes us to a massive 113 units profit in just over the past 2 months.


WA Tips & Ratings

Week: 15.8 units profit (185.9% POT)

Overall: 81.9 units profit (31.3% POT)

Another big week for members. We kicked off the week on Wednesday at Ascot having a nice result off Grand Design $4. Thursday at Pinjarra, Woodbug ran 2nd at $5 as did Send My Love at $3.60 being grabbed in the last stride but we closed out the day in style with Friar’s Gift saluting at $3.85. Saturday was a big day having 2 bets for 2 winners, Bella’s Idol at $19.80 and Chesten Flyer at $6.30. It has now been a month since Cameron joined Winning Edge and what a great start it has been making 24.4 units profit for the month.


John’s Analytics

Week: 6.5 units profit (13.6% POT)

Overall: 257.2 units profit (13.1% POT)

Good result in what was a busy week for members. Winners were Good As Done at $3.70, Lady Solly at $3.40, Taberna at $3.90, Alassio at $8.50, Renewal at $4.40 and Foolin’ Around at $3.10 to go along with multiple place results. In total we had 47 units worth of 2nds, not far off being a huge week. Model 5 has delivered 18u profit in under 2 weeks.


NSW Tips & Ratings

Week: 6.4 units profit (43.2% POT)

Overall: 116.6 units profit (13.3% POT)

Good week for members after a frustrating period of many 2nds. We had a small win at Wyong on Thursday having a good result off Kanavu at $2.80. Saturday was a big day, we bet into four races and had three winners. Haames at $5.75, Microphone at $2.40 and Dreamforce at $4.50, Dixie Blossoms ran 2nd at $5.50. We aim to carry the momentum into this week starting at Kembla Grange on Tuesday.


Here's what Mark had to say:

A good day on Saturday made for a decent winning week with a profit of over 6 units, and a good start to the month of March, with 4 winners, a second and two thirds from 9 betting races.  Good to break a frustrating run of near misses by getting a photo go our way at Gosford on Thursday too.  While my form and analysis approach is the same from week to week, it's always good for the confidence to get some nice results so I'm looking forward to continuing on this week.


Dean’s Tips

Week: 6.1 units profit (42.4% POT)

Overall: 646.5 units profit (7.6% POT)

Good result on what was a quiet week for members just betting three days. It was a profitable start to the week on Wednesday with Eighteen Carrot saluting at $6. Saturday, we had the one winner with Fifty Stars getting the job done at $11 and we closed the week out in style on Sunday having a big result off Victory Vibes at $10. Hopefully we can carry the momentum into next week.


Here's what Dean had to say:

Solid week with 6.1 units profit @ 42% POT from wins to Fifty Stars $11, Victory Vibes $10 & Eighteen Carrot $6. Coldrock 2nd at $20 & Cowboys Karma 3rd at $15 would have boosted things further. Ticking along solidly with 20u profit the past month. Catch you through the week.


Blackbook Bets

Week: -2.6 units profit (-32.5% POT)

Overall: 244.1 units profit (5.9% POT)

A loss on what was a quiet week for members. 2 collects for the week with Reiby The Red saluting at $6.70 and Miss Beneteau filling a place for us at $6.20, Commander Bell ran 2nd at $3.70. In total 6.3 units worth of 2nds which was the difference between a winning or losing week.


Trial Spy

Week: -7.1 units profit (-34.5% POT)

Overall: 712.3 units profit (10.0% POT)

Losing week for members. Just the two winners across the week. True Detective at $5.50 and Scramjet at $1.70 to go along with a nice place result off Cosmic Force at $12. Each way play Lanigera ran 4th at $8. We just fell short of making it 9 straight winning months but what a great run it has been making 133 units profit in the past 9 months.


Here’s what Dean had to say:

3u loss for the month, our first losing month after 8 winning months in a row. Had a $23 winner and a couple of $13 winners, but a few on the shorter end underperformed, many featuring in stewards reports with issues. 133u profit in that time however so no worries. Catch you through the week.


Greyhound Genius

Week: -8.5 units profit (-46.0% POT)

Overall: 888.9 units profit (13.3% POT)

Losing week for members. Three winners across the week were One Hour Parking at $3.90, Zipping Bailey at $2.10 and Boxcar Bella at $1.80. In total we had 30 units worth of 2nds which was the difference between a winning or losing week. Regardless it has been an incredible run with a massive 266 units profit in just over the past 6 months.