The Week In Review: 19 - 25 November

Trial Spy

Week: -3.5 units profit (-29.4% PoT)

Overall: 694.7 units profit (10.2% PoT)

A couple of solid winners with Czarson and Metro Tramp on Saturday, but a losing week overall. Cardiff was a flop on Saturday but is a much better horse than that, having beaten the winner Tassort previously in a trial. The horse will bounce back. We’re only sitting on a small profit for November to date, but remain up 120 units over the past 6 months.


NSW Tips & Ratings

Week: 9.2 units profit (80.4% PoT)

Overall: 132.7 units profit (18.7% PoT)

Mark broke the variance of last week with a huge haul this week. Four winners from ten bets – Princess Lottie and Cosmic Reign (Newcastle, Wednesday) plus So Magic (Hawkesbury, Friday) and Napoleon Solo (Rosehill, Saturday).

Still a month to go and Mark sits at 112 units profit for the calendar year… an amazing performance.


John's Analytics

Week: 12.4 units profit (58.3% PoT)

Overall: 270.3 units profit (16.4% PoT)

John’s back into his groove with a typically big week, twelve units of profit highlighted two big winners, both of which paid $10 & $3.20: Gee Gees Queenie at Launceton on Wednesday, and Montana Pines at Quirindi on Sunday.

John started with Winning Edge in September 2017, where we shot out of the blocks with 120 units in the four months to December. Any fears that it was short-term success are now very much allayed, as he sits at 150 units profit for this calendar year with a month left.


BlackBook Bets

Week: 1.9 units profit (15.8% PoT)

Overall: 289.5 units profit (7.3% PoT)

Lachlan picked up where he left off this week… tipping huge priced winners. After a streak of big results recently, he scored again with Moonlight Ruby at Sandown on Wednesday, which saluted for us at $21.90 and $5.20. Unfortunately it was our only winner for the week, but was still more than enough for a healthy profit as we charge back toward 300 units.


Dean’s Tips

Week: -13.5 units profit (-69.0% PoT)

Overall: 635.4 units profit (7.8% PoT)

Losing week with a string of close calls, horses like Mr Intrepid at $15 and Craiglea Aldi at $3.40 going down by a nose. Lorentinio wins if it doesn't sit three-wide with no cover. Were some big firmers but we didn't land the requisite winners. We now sit behind par for November, but remain up around 20 units since resuming in September. We’ll bounce back.



Week: -1.9 units profit (-100.0% PoT)

Overall: 19.8 units profit (6.3% PoT)

Yet another close call this week… we backed Mexico to win the World Cup of Golf, only for them to finish second at $42. The principles of variance demand we get another winner soon… it won’t be far off.



Overall: 58.9 units profit (7.2% PoT)

No completed bets for cricket this week.