The Fortnight In Review: 1-7 Jun & 8-14 Jun



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Week In Review Highlights 8-14 Jun

NRL Tips

Week: +22.1 units profit (65% POT)

Overall: +217.9 units profit (13% POT)

A big start to the season with 4 wins from 5 bets across the weekend with the highlight coming on Saturday night with the West Tigers covering the +8.5 against Canberra.


Dean’s Tips

Week: +15.4 units profit (55% POT)

Overall: +695.9 units profit (7% POT)

+15.4u profit for the week, driven by wins to Perfect Jewel $12.50, Cuban Twist $12.40, Brimham Rocks $5.50, Lies N Deception $3.80 & Dreamy Alice $3.80. Was nearly an absolutely mammoth week with 64u worth of 2nd placings. We backed two horses confidently each way at $61, and both ran 2nd, River Racer worth 30.5u and The Mayor worth 18.3u. Would have been brilliant if one of them had saluted, but a nice week nonetheless.


WA Tips & Ratings

Week: +4.6 units profit (42% POT)

Overall: +131.1 units profit (15% POT)

Endovanera was a nice result on Wednesday at $3.70 whilst Puckapunyal ran 2nd at $5 (5.5u worth). Strong day at Belmont on Saturday with Captain Kink $4.70 & She’s Enchanted $3 both saluting for us.

WA Tips & Ratings has delivered 71 units profit at 24% POT since 1 November.


John’s Analytics

Week: +4.6 units profit (17% POT)

Overall: +467.9 units profit (13% POT)

It was a huge start to the week on Monday with Lucap & Mecum both landing the cash at $10!! A loss Tuesday followed by a small win on Wednesday with our one each way bet Style Guru running 2nd at $6. Nice result on Thursday driven by October Storm at $4.80.

7u worth of 2nds for the week.

John’s Analytics has delivered 214 units ($21,400 per $100 unit) PROFIT since 1 July at 21% POT


Week In Review Highlights 1-7 Jun

Greyhound Genius

Week: +31.4 units profit (83% POT)

Overall: +1050.5 units profit (12% POT)

It was a great start to the week on Thursday with max bet Katana bolting in at $2.05 followed by a huge Saturday night with Roused $5, Drink Moet & Zipping Jafar all winning!

Greyhound Genius has delivered 58 units profit at 60% POT the past 3 weeks, and 491 units ($49,100 per $100 unit) PROFIT since 1 June 2018 at 16% POT


John’s Analytics

Week: +24.4 units profit (111% POT)

Overall: +463.3 units profit (13% POT)

A win to kick off the week on Tuesday with each way bet Rebel Lilly placing at $20/$4.6. A strong day on Thursday driven by Wilburglen at $16. Great result on Friday with Happy Lad landing the cash at $21!! A huge day on Saturday, winners were Terwilliker $12, Mangione $9 & Sir Swayze $7.50.

John’s Analytics has delivered 209 units ($20,900 per $100 unit) PROFIT since 1 July at 21% POT


WA Tips & Ratings

Week: +12.7 units profit (118% POT)

Overall: +126.5 units profit (14% POT)

A big day at Belmont on Wednesday with Speedy Miss $6.20 & Indigo Wild $4.40 both saluting. A win on Friday driven by Lucky Charlie at $4.80. 1 winner from 1 bet on Saturday with Black Ducati landing the cash at $4.40.

WA Tips & Ratings has delivered 66 units profit at 21% POT since 1 November.


Feature Futures

Week: +11.0 units profit (275% POT)

Overall: +258.9 units profit (44% POT)

A great result on Saturday with Tyzone winning the Stradbroke Handicap at $15!!


Trial Spy

Week: +7.6 units profit (32% POT)

Overall: +690.9 units profit (9% POT)

A good start to the week/month with +7.6u profit. Wadi Musa ran a very close 4th at $31 on Monday, after looking the winner. Equation $3.80 and Armatree $4 were both dominant winners for us at Kensington on Wednesday, whilst Sifu nearly made it a perfect 3/3 running a close 2nd. Planet Ex led all the way to win for us at $9.20 on Thursday, and Aquilla Skye ran 2nd. On Saturday we broke even with Belmont Day & Magic Delta winning, plus Rothfire as a saver. Whatyoulookingat gave a sight running 3rd at $21 after leading. We were stiff on Sunday with Rosecapilla winning at $9, however Light And Dark was heavily backed by us from $5.50 into $2.80 for a big result, but the stablemate completely stuffed its chances pushing in front it, forcing it to race wide with no cover, and then in restricted room in the straight. Needs to lead as it had done in its trials. Narvaez raced to keenly in front and is better with cover per its trials. Overall a good week. We are up +21 units since the detailed analysis last month focused us on the most profitable betting areas for this service.

Trial Spy has delivered 116 units ($11,600 per $100 unit) PROFIT since 1 June 2018


Saturday Specials

Week: +6.6 units profit (55% POT)

Overall: +110.8 units profit (53% POT)

Another strong Saturday with Jolly Sailor $7 & Prezado both scoring for us. We were close to a massive day with 16.2u worth of 2nds.

Saturday Specials has delivered 110 units ($11,000 per $100 unit) PROFIT in under 4 months.


Blackbook Bets

Week: +2.7 units profit (49% POT)

Overall: +299.7 units profit (6% POT)

No result across Wednesday & Friday before a strong Saturday with Stellar Power $9.50 & Vassilator $7 both getting the job done for us. Alburq ran 2nd at $11 (5.5u worth).

Blackbook Bets has delivered 74 units PROFIT at 13% POT over the past 13 months.


Total Team Profit across the past fortnight:

+83.5 units profit (20% POT)

Key Highlights

Greyhound Genius: +29.9u @ 50% POT

John's Analytics: +29u @ 59% POT

NRL Tips: +22.1u @ 65% POT

WA Tips & Ratings: +17.3u @ 79% POT

Feature Futures: +11u @ 275% POT

Dean's Tips: +5.3u @ 8% POT

Saturday Specials: +4.8u @ 30% POT











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