Getting the best possible odds: Part 3

Below is further advice to assist you in deciding when to take a fixed price over betting late using best tote & SP / Betfair SP / monitoring with corporate bookies.

1) Overall, as a general, basic blanket statement, you are better taking early fixed prices than betting simply using Best Tote/SP. But blindly doing either on their own is not recommended

2) For horses at double figure odds or greater, you are usually better off taking the best fixed prices available. More firm than drift at double figure odds and above. However, note that Emmadee, who we backed at $101 in early fixed betting markets, won the race and paid $260 Betfair SP and got out to $560 on Betfair. So big roughies can get out to huge prices on Betfair, and you should always keep an eye on these to back again, even if you’ve already backed the horse.

3) For horses at the shorter end of the market, often Betfair SP / Best Tote yield similar results overall to betting early, but there are swings & roundabouts. So if you miss a recommended early price, those are good alternatives for horses at lower odds

4) Generally horses firm more in provincial / country markets, particularly lower grade races such as maidens, and the prices hold up well in city/metro races

5) When backing one horse in a race, it often firms

6) When backing multiple horses in a race, they often drift

7) When I advise taking a price with best tote/SP or BOB, that suggests I think the horse will drift from its current fixed price in betting

8) If you are still unsure, such as a day where you may have missed the best prices, often splitting your bet 50/50 between early fixed and late tote/Betfair is a great option.

9) If at any time you lock in an early price and then the horse drifts a fair bit (close to 50% or more), it is certainly worth backing again on Betfair to get your average price up, to exceed official results. There have been plenty of significant drifters that have won at odds far greater than official prices. But more often than not betting early is better than betting late. It's simply about taking additional advantage when one drifts.