Getting the best possible odds: Part 2

1) Dynamic Odds

If you aren’t using Dynamic Odds you are costing yourself a fortune in additional profits. It amazes me that there are still members reporting that they are still not utilising this tool. Even a small punter working full time will boost their profits substantially from using Dynamic Odds. You can check and compare prices with all your own bookies quickly on your laptop or mobile phone, and even place bets through your mobile with all your bookies using the dynamic odds mobile version. This is much quicker and more effective than betting through each bookie app or website separately. They even have a free trial so if you haven’t tried it yet, get onto it now. The premium version only costs $35 a month.

2) Betfair

Betfair usually gets you the best odds on horses drifting in the market, and on horses at big prices. It's a must have. You can also use it to back and lay horses for a guaranteed profit on our dramatic firmers, as many members do successfully.

3) Read the Member’s Information Pack

The pack is packed full of information covering topics such as how to get the best possible odds, how to avoid getting banned by the bookies, improving mindset, sound bankroll management and FAQs.

4) Additional late betting stake on big drifters

As mentioned above, this is an excellent way to boost your profits over and above official results, so keep an eye out for these opportunities when they present themselves.