Building an investment mentality



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Building an investment mentality

Winning Edge Investments was created to change the face of tipping services in Australia.

This is an industry where some services simply fabricate their completely unverified, unaudited and unachievable results at the end of the year, when they deliberately chose not to transparently disclose these throughout the year. Some don't post their results for months during losing periods. Others record their odds using unachievable methodologies such as the highest possible fixed odds price at any time in betting. Another actually records at the highest of the highest fixed price at the time the bet is sent, or the highest of any other price during betting including Betfair SP (without commission removed), whilst neither actually advise you whether to bet early or late. Incredibly, others promote corporate bookmakers with their tipping services, hence receiving commission payments based on your losses.

You can read a lot more about their tricks here:

We decided to create a service that offered services from only the best quality analysts, highly respected in the industry for their knowledge and expertise, with proven track records of success. We decided to transparently post results to accurately reflect the realities of investing, which comes with highs and lows, but ultimately results in enormous success for those with the mental willpower to succeed in the investing world. We decided to record results fairly, based on the actual advice given before the event, achievable even for those who work full time and only have a few minutes each day to place their bets.

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. Had you signed up to all 8 of our racing services on 1 January 2019, taking a quarterly membership to all, utilising our discount offers, profit guarantee and automatic loyalty bonus credits, you would have made a 396% tax-free ROI on your membership investment. An $8,017 investment would have collected $31,790 (betting $100 per unit).

Had you done so since 1 January 2018 you would have made a 518% tax-free ROI on your membership investment. A $20,294 investment would have collected $105,200 (betting $100 per unit). Of course the investment remains stagnant, whilst the dollars invested per unit increase linearly with your unit size, so betting $200 per unit would have amassed $210,400 from the $20,294 investment over 2 years, and so on.

This is why the most famous investor in the world, Warren Buffet, has a famous quote: "My favourite holding period is forever"

This is despite 2 of the services in 2018, and 2 different services in 2019, making a loss over the calendar year.

Across our 8 racing services, we had 18 profitable months out of 24, at an average profit of 68 units per month.

There were only 6 unprofitable months out of 24, at an average loss of 30 units per month.

Overall, an average profit of 44 units per month.

Take a look at the biggest success stories in stocks. Apple Shares last year dropped from $225 to $148. An unintelligent, jittery investor would have sold at the low point of $148, and missed out on the recent gains that have seen the latest share price reach $318.

Google Shares (Alphabet) also at a similar time fell from $1,252 to $991. Again the short term, jittery investor would have sold at $991, with Google shares reaching a recent high of $1,480.

Unfortunately some with a short term mindset do the same with tipping services. Despite these services having proven themselves as highly profitable over long periods of time, members get jittery and stop, usually just before the next big winning run.

Articles explaining perspective and variance in more detail can be found below:

Our previous advice has stated you should need a 100 unit betting bank per service. Whilst this is the case for a single service, we are revising this advice for multiple services. If subscribing to 8 services, that would mean an 800 unit bank would have been required. However the biggest losing month in 2 years was 105 units, and the biggest losing period was 133 units. Our new advice no longer suggests an 800 unit bank for 8 services, but still conservatively allocates a 400 unit bank to 8 services.

If you have decided 2020 is the year where you are serious about making a reliable, tax-free income from your betting by treating it like a business, then simply reply to this e-mail and get in touch with us, or go to the following link and take advantage of our special offer below.

We are offering a 20% ongoing lifetime discount on all of our memberships, closing at the end of the month on Friday January 31.

No fanfare or crazy claims. Just a legitimate opportunity to turn 2020 into the year where you start turning your passion into serious long term, tax-free profits.










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Invest intelligently with Winning Edge

Official results are tallied using our fair odds recording policy: either the third-highest fixed price available, or the tote option advised. With over 20 bookmaker options available to punters in Australia, plus three totes, plus Betfair, most members exceed official results.

Every member receives a 120 page Members Information Pack full of information on how to maximise their profits, covering topics including how to get the best possible odds, how to avoid getting banned by the bookies, improving mindset, sound bankroll management, understanding variance, FAQs and much more.

Our analysts are highly experienced, professional punters in their own right: if they're recommending a bet to you, it's because they're backing it themselves.

Our clients include full time and semi professional punters, stewards, trainers, jockeys, owners and media, all the way through to novices who want to simply 'bet and forget' profitably with Australia's most respected, reputable & profitable tipping organisation

All services have a long term track record of sustainable profit, with full transparency, honesty and accountability. Winning Edge is the only tipping organisation with results posted to the website and social media daily, win or lose.

Our team is made up of real people with social media profiles who are always contactable & passionate about providing more than just tips, but also education and advice to punters on how to become highly profitable long term.

We have a long list of testimonials from happy, successful long term clients who have been with us since inception. Unlike virtually all other tipping organisations, we don't and have never received affiliate commission payments from bookmakers based on your losses.

Sick of losing? Start treating your betting like a business with Winning Edge Investments.


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