August Highlights and Did You Know?



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August Highlights

NRL Tips

Month: +43.4 units profit (41% POT)

Overall: +226.5 units profit (12% POT)

An outstanding month for our NRL MODEL with 11 out of our 16 bets saluting! Best results were Cowboys +8.5 against the Raiders, Storm defeating the Roosters & the +8 point start being enough for the Cowboys against the Rabbitohs.


Greyhound Genius

Month: +24.2 units profit (27% POT)

Overall: +1131.7 units profit (13% POT)

Big wins across yet another great month were Still Blue $9, Showtime Jack $7.50, Prim And Proper $5.50, Sonic Nismo $2.60 & Eagle Rock!

41.1u worth of 2nds for the month.

Greyhound Genius has delivered +570 units ($57,000 per $100 unit) PROFIT since 1 June 2018 at 19% POT!!!

A remarkable +124 units ($12,400 per $100 unit) PROFIT over the past 4 months!


Dean’s Tips

Month: +17.4 units profit (17% POT)

Overall: +667.7 units profit (7% POT)

Highlights across a great month were In Good Health at a massive $71, Our Playboy $13, Fair Sonari $9.50, Bless Her $5.80, Eelloh $5 & Prometheus $4.80. On Saturday, the 29th we were a nose short of landing the 19k Caulfield quadrella.

61.1u worth of 2nds for the month.


Speed Stars

Month: +7.6 units profit (13% POT)

Overall: +24.4 units profit (26% POT)

A strong month to make it 2 from 2 winning months & our best winners included Montefilia $5.50, Roheryn $4.80, Behemoth $3.80, Octane $3.30 & Socialising $3.10.

Our newest service Speed Stars has delivered +24 units ($2,400 per $100 unit) PROFIT at 26% POT in just its first 8 weeks.


Saturday Specials

Month: +2.9 units profit (7% POT)

Overall: +83.1 units profit (24% POT)

Highlights across a winning month included Bonneville Black $6.50, Socialising $3.10, Nerodio $3.10, Queen Brown $2.50 & The Difference $2.50.

44.8u worth of 2nds for the month.

Saturday Specials has delivered +83 units ($8,300 per $100 unit) PROFIT in under 7 months.









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