20 Tips For Getting The Best Possible Odds + The Week In Review 6-12 Jul



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20 Tips For Getting The Best Possible Odds

The aim of the Fair Odds Recording Methodologies at Winning Edge Investments is for every member to beat the price recorded in official results, or at the very least match them.

Below is a summary of the top 20 ways to get the best possible odds, and greatly exceed official results:

1) Use Dynamic Odds (or other odds comparison websites)

One of the major factors - if not the major factor - in betting profitably is always striving to get the absolute best price possible.

Once all the work is done and you’re onto a good thing, there’s no bigger ‘own goal’ than taking an inferior price. It takes the same amount of time and effort to place the bet, yet you get paid (sometimes substantially) less.

When you’re following any of our services, it’s important that you aim to get the best prices possible. There’s no point going to the one bookie and just taking their price when others are paying better.

Take yourself back to the old-school betting ring at the track…you wouldn’t do it there! You would always search for the best price and zero in on that bookie.

Thankfully, odds comparison sites allow you to replicate that when betting online. Rather than having to make your way around all the different bookies’ websites or apps, odds comparison sites allow you to just pick your race or sporting event and see multiple bookies’ prices side-by-side.

There’s a few odds comparison options out there. In our opinion, the best one available is Dynamic Odds. Click the link and you receive an exclusive 4-week no cost trial. It’s an easy-to-use and easily customisable product. You can choose which bookies to display on screen, there’s a mountain of options and tools, and best of all, you can sign in to each of your bookie accounts through the program and simply bet from Dynamic Odds with the click of a button. Click which price you want, enter your stake, and you’re on. It’s fast and dead-simple to use and ensures you always get the best price of all of the bookies.

If you aren’t using Dynamic Odds you are costing yourself a fortune in additional profits. It amazes us that there are still members reporting that they are still not utilising this tool. Even a small punter working full-time will boost their profits substantially using Dynamic Odds. You can check and compare prices with all your own bookies quickly on your laptop or mobile phone, and even place bets through your mobile with all your bookies using the dynamic odds mobile version. This is much quicker and more effective than betting through each bookie app or website separately. Don’t forget clicking the link gets you a 4-week no cost trial, so if you haven’t tried it yet, get onto it now. The premium version only costs $35 a month. For the extra money you’ll make by being able to easily take better prices, that’s an absolute bargain. Trust us, it’s worth every cent. Dynamic Odds

2) Have many bookmaker accounts

The basic rule with bookmakers is simply to have access to as many as possible, as it gives you a better chance of always being able to bet the best price. Take your betting bank and spread it across as many bookmaker accounts as possible. It’s far better to have your bankroll evenly split across 10 bookmaker accounts than all sitting in one.

There’s a lot of options out there when it comes to bookies. Our suggestions, in order of importance/benefit are as follows:

Vicbet, David Dwyer, Betfair, TopSport, Bet365, Sportsbet, Sportsbetting, NSW Tab, VIC Tab, Ubet, BlueBet, Ladbrokes, Neds, BetEasy, Betstar, Bookmaker, Tabtouch, Best Bookies, Unibet, Palmerbet, Playup, Bbet & Betdogs.

3) Betfair

Betfair routinely offer the best odds available in the market for horse racing, particularly during the last 15 minutes of betting.

Usually Betfair gets you the best odds on horses drifting in the market, and on horses at big (double figure) prices. It is a must have.

We could write an essay on the prices available on Betfair on some of our winners, but a handful of examples from Dean’s Tips are below. As you can see, at all spectrums of the market you can get great prices on Betfair even just at Betfair SP:

• Emmadee: Official $101, $260 Betfair SP (got out to $560 on Betfair in betting)

• Balrov: Official $23, $60 Betfair SP (got out to $120 on Betfair in betting)

• Time And Truth: Official $23, $80 Betfair SP (got out to $140 on Betfair in betting)

• Fish Bones Fry: Official $34, $60 Betfair SP (got out to $90 on Betfair in betting)

• Shazee Lee: Official $56, $100 Betfair SP (got out to $110 on Betfair in betting)

4) BOB

BOB stands for Best of the Best. This is a great product that gives you the best of 3 totes or the Official Top Fluctuation Price (note Top Fluctuation is calculated from 20-25 minutes before race start time - not from the opening price).

Vicbet offer BOB for all races across Australia, seven days per week.

TopSport offer it for all Saturday Metro meetings, as does David Dwyer, and Ladbrokes/Bookmaker/Betstar.

David Dwyer additionally offers it for all Sydney metro meetings including midweeks.

BOB is usually better for horses at single figure odds, and BFSP (Betfair SP) better for horses at double figure odds.






Week In Review 6-12 Jul Highlights

Greyhound Genius


Week: +15.6 units profit (82% POT)

Overall: +1111.3 units profit (13% POT)

Nice result on Thursday night having a strong bet on Tiggerlong Tonk who got the job done for us at Sandown. We also had a strong result Saturday night which continues a great run thanks to Drink Moet winning at Wentworth Park paying $3.70!

Greyhound Genius has delivered +551 units ($55,100 per $100 unit) PROFIT since 1 June 2018 at 20% POT!!!

A remarkable +111 units ($11,100 per $100 unit) PROFIT in the past 2 months!




Week: +8.4 units profit (13% POT)

Overall: +114.5 units profit (14% POT)

16 winners from 33 bets for a 48% win strike rate with win prices up to $4.60.

Perfect start to the week on Monday with our one bet Dubai Tycoon winning at $3. A great day on Wednesday with 3 winners from 4 bets, including Janaura $4, Continuance & Acrobatic. A big Saturday with 10 bets for 6 winners! Mystery Shot $4.60, Kisukano, Lanigera, Material Man, Bollente & Windstorm! Strong day on Sunday with 4 winners from 7 bets. Winners were Altimeter $3.30, Aeecee Beau, Syncline & Danefin!

Strikers has delivered +114 units ($11,450 per $100 unit) PROFIT in under 4 months, with an incredible 47% win strike rate.


Blackbook Bets


Week: +3.5 units profit (41% POT)

Overall: +295.5 units profit (6% POT)

No result across Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday before a loss on Saturday where Travimyfriend was a strong result at $6.50 but Miss Iano went down by the smallest of margins at $8.50 (4.3u worth). We ended the week in style on Sunday at Moonee Valley with 2 winners from 3 bets; There You Are $8.80 & Silent Command $8.70 both getting the job done for us!

Blackbook Bets has delivered +70 units PROFIT at 13% POT since 1 May 2019.


Trial Spy


Week: +2.7 units profit (12% POT)

Overall: +663.6 units profit (8% POT)

A +2.7u profit for the week driven by wins to Beach Road $10.20, Celestial Sol $7.40, Be Brilliant $3.30 & Kisukano $2.40. Interestingly Betfair players got $11.40, $9.34, $4.02 & $2.77 respectively using Betfair SP on those 4 runners rather than BOB, better in every case. Pass the Card ran 2nd on Monday but should have won for a 5u collect, La Foret was 2nd beaten in a photo for a 3.3u collect, and Star Dynasty was also 2nd for a 3.8u collect.


Dean’s Tips


Week: +1.4 units profit (6% POT)

Overall: +668.2 units profit (7% POT)

1.4 unit profit for the week, with wins to Bless Her $7, Travimyfriend $6.50, Krone $5 & Sixties Groove $3.50. The first 2 bets of the week typified our luck in recent times. Windchill at $4.30 our only bet on Tuesday should have won, but the horse inside it shied out and inconvenienced it just as it was making its run, so it ran 2nd in a photo. Then Crimson Ace at $14.60 at Sandown was hard to believe. Got held up without a run from the 500m mark to the 200m mark. Absolutely flew when got out and looked like it had won on the line, but somehow the photo went the other way. Was a mile clear a few strides after the post and should have won by a minute. We ground out a profit regardless but those two results cost nearly 12 units and typified the run of unlucky close 2nds, that will ideally switch to winners shortly.


EPL Tips


Week: +1.4 units profit (47% POT)

Overall: +25.4 units profit (15% POT)

A nice week betting into 2 matches & making a profit in both with Sheffield United defeating the Wolves & Liverpool proving too strong for Brighton.











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